Mustard color, green and brown tones fashion in the decoration; Designers, who love the flawless result that emerges in the combination of these three colors with each other, especially love to use the combined colors concept in the sofa set. Matte autumn colors, which have recently entered our lives with nubuck style fabrics, look good in almost all styles, from country style to chesterfield products.

For those who can not give up the nobility and timelessness of coffee, mustard and green match, a golden design invention, brings innovation to homes by modernizing the room regardless of the corner sofa or lounge. Throw pillow patterns and stylish quilted stitches, which come with good advice for those who love brown tones but are afraid of being boring and ordinary, add movement to the selected product and allow you to create your unique combination.

In the past years, brown tones were mostly combined with turquoise or beige colors. However, now you can combine your brown-based sofa set with a green berjer and liven up with mustard-colored pillows. These natural colors, which we are used to seeing in autumn, will suit your decoration very well with their warm and stable state.

You can continue the autumn concept by supporting your sofa set, which you will enliven with a stylish walnut coffee table, with accessories and candles. Representing strong and stable colors in the scale, these tones are suitable for use in children's rooms or work areas with their characteristic structures. The distracting green and brown tones will never interrupt your focus while working or enjoying TV.

The green tones used mostly in the walnut colored dining rooms will exhibit a refined and tasteful stance on the chair or bench cover. You can examine our products combined with green, orange and mustard tones in our seating groups category.