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Oslo Modern Sofa Set

Product Code: DMK-110

25.400₺ 22.750 ₺

Oslo Modern Sofa Set; Our modern, metal-legged sofa set that can be a bed and is just as comfortable is with you.

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Oslo Modern Sofa Set (Inegol Furniture) Technical Details

  • Set Content: Consists of 2 triple armchairs and 1 armchair (3+3+1)
  • Production Material: The product is a 1st quality product.
  • Foot And Ladle: Feet are produced as metal.
  • Bed Feature: It has the feature of being a bed.
  • Chest Feature: It does not have the feature of being a chest.
  • Fabric Type: Imported and erasable fabric is used in the product.
  • Fabric Care: You can contact our customer representative to have information about upholstery fabric and upholstery washing.
  • You can remove or add from modules in the set (3+3+1+1, 3+3, 3+1).
  • Fabric color and type can be changed according to customer demand, the difference resulting from the 'fabric type' change is reflected in the set price.
3 Seats - cm - cm - cm
Armchairs - cm - cm - cm

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