In order to furnish your house wider, you must first know your house well. The trick is not to choose items for carambola. You should think about what you can put on the windowsill in your room, how to use the areas close to the socket, and how to benefit from the walls. As for the furniture part; Instead of trying to fit a large seating group in the room, choose a corner set. Make sure that your furniture does not have cross patterns. Using solid colors in furniture will add a wider atmosphere to your room. Using a glass coffee table in the middle of the room will make the environment look more spacious. For your television, you can choose to mount it on the walls instead of large television units.


Light and matte colors are provide more big room view in the small rooms. Apart from choosing light colors for wall paints and floors, another important point is wallpapers. Wallpapers will be overwhelming and reduce the feeling of spaciousness as they create a feeling of crowding and excess in the rooms. Try not to use it. Again, you should choose colors that reflect light for your furniture and walls. Finally, be careful to use the same colors. Because if you paint your walls and ceiling in the same color, your ceiling will appear higher than it is.


Room doors that open towards the inside are a problem both in terms of scratching your walls and the space they take up in the room. Removing the room doors will give you the space covered by the door. However, what needs to be considered here is the view of the remaining part of the door. By painting the door entrance as you wish, you can add aesthetics to the room and try different things.


Wall mounted shelves can be a savior for your belongings that you can't bear to throw away. It also provides a practical and aesthetic use. Wall-mounted cupboards and beds will expand your usage areas with their opening and closing feature. When you do not use it, it will disappear and make space for you. Shelves and cabinets in particular are perfect for storing your extra items.