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Palermo Wedding Package

Palermo Wedding Package



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Palermo Wedding Package

Product Code: DP-PALERMO

72.280 ₺ 65.000₺

The Palermo Wedding Package includes a comfortable and stylish corner set, a bedroom set with a 6-door wardrobe, and a dining room set with a useful console.

Product List in Package:
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Palermo Wedding Package (Inegol Furniture) Technical Details

  • Product Content :Set Contents: It consists of 1 x 6-door wardrobe, 1 bed headboard, 2 bedside tables, a bed base and 1 chest of drawers with adjacent mirrors. (The bed is not included in the price.)
  • Production Material: The product is manufactured using 1st quality material.
  • Featured Feature: There are 6 doors in the wardrobe, there are mirrors on 2 doors. There are 3 drawers in the dresser. The mirror at the top is not adjacent to the dresser.
  • Disassembled Parts : All parts of the product are sent disassembled.
  • Special Measurement Opportunity : You can get information from our customer representative.
  • Set Content: 1 Console, 1 Table, 6 chairs.
  • Production Material: Our product is produced with 1st quality material.
  • Table Feature: The table in the set does not have the ability to open.
  • Disassembled Parts: All parts of the product are sent as disassembled.
  • Special Measurement Opportunity: You can get information from our customer representative.
  • You can remove or add from modules in the team.
  • Removed or added products are reflected in the set price.
  • Product Content : It consists of 1 corner sofa set. (Berber not included in the price)
  • Crafting Material :The product is 1st quality product.
  • Foot And Lap : Its legs are made of metal.
  • Bed Feature : It has the feature of being a bed.
  • Crate Feature : It does not have the feature of being a box.
  • Fabric Type :Imported and erasable fabric is used in the product.
  • Fabric Care :You can contact our customer representative to have information about upholstery fabric and upholstery washing.
  • You can add a module to the team. (like a berger, pouffe)
  • Removed and added modules are reflected in the set prices.
  • Fabric color and type can be changed according to customer demand, the difference resulting from the 'fabric type' change is reflected in the set price.

Palermo Wedding Package (Inegol Furniture) Product Size

Wardrobe - cm -  cm - cm
Bedstead - cm - cm - cm
Dresser - cm - cm - cm
Commode - cm - cm - cm
Plinth - cm - cm - cm
Console - cm - cm - cm
Table - cm - cm - cm
Chair - cm - cm - cm
corner seat - cm - cm - cm

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