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Lebron Corner Set

Product Code: MH-110

22.000₺ 17.400 ₺

The corner set is a great solution for small spaces. Our lebron corner set, where you can rest comfortably and drink your coffee, is with you.

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Lebron Corner Set (Inegol Furniture) Technical Details

  • Product Content : It consists of 1 corner sofa set. (Berber not included in the price)
  • Crafting Material :The product is 1st quality product.
  • Foot And Lap : Its legs are made of metal.
  • Sponge Feature: 32 exforta serra, back sponge is down feather. The back cushion is silicone. Session Sponge thickness is 17 cm.
  • Bed Feature : It has the feature of being a bed so that 1 person can fit.
  • Crate Feature : It does not have the feature of being a box.
  • Fabric Type :Imported and erasable fabric is used in the product.
  • Fabric Care :You can contact our customer representative to have information about upholstery fabric and upholstery washing.
  • You can add a module to the team. (like a berger, pouffe)
  • Removed and added modules are reflected in the set prices.
  • Fabric color and type can be changed according to customer demand, the difference resulting from the 'fabric type' change is reflected in the set price.
corner seat 335 cm 90 cm 80 cm

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